Request for Proposals-Art Installations

Fifth City Commons (formerly known asC40 Garfield Park), which will be located at3155 W. Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Fifth and Kedzie Avenues in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, is a 43-unit, mixed-use building that will follow the Passive House Design standard. This building will also have 4,300 of retail space on the first floor, The project has closed financing as of June 1,2023,and itis projected to be completed in August 2024, after a 14-month construction period. The building itself is Phase I of what was originally envisioned as a two-phase project, with Phase II to focus on creating affordable homeownership opportunities in the North Parcel space. Preservation of Affordable Housing(POAH), the owner and developer of Fifth City Commons, seeks artists to design and paint the murals that will be located throughout the first proposed building.

The artists selected will create murals that are culturally identifiable and significant, representative of the legacy of the East Garfield Park neighborhood, and involve members of the community (such as the community members engaged in the Arts & Culture and Design Committees as well as Marshall High School across the street). The end goals are for these works to help beautify the space, which is located at a major intersection in the neighborhood, to celebrate community identity, and to serve as an object of inspiration and discussion for residents and visitors alike.

Read the full RFP and its requirements here

Applications due by August 25th 2023

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